2012 interns with actress Sharon Lawrence

Getting Credit for Your Internship

Once you’re accepted into the program, you are required to take two courses in the 2nd Summer Session for this internship. The first course is COMM 690, Special Topics in Media Studies, for three credit hours. The second course is COMM 393, Internship, for three credit hours.  You will be registered for these courses by the Department of Communication Registrar during the registration period for Summer School.  You will also need to apply for Summer School financial aid, should you need assistance with paying tuition and/or living expenses.


Since you will be taking these courses as part of the program, you will need to postpone graduation from May until August.  If you have applied to graduate in the spring, you will need to withdraw your name through Academic Advising once you have been confirmed as being selected into the program. (You will still be able to walk in both the University and departmental commencement ceremonies in the spring, but your official graduation will not be until August.)

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Victoria Male and Erica Sabol HW sign

Posing with the Hollywood sign in the background is a time-honored tradition. (Credit: Courtesy of Victoria Male ’14.)

The majority of students interning with the UNC Hollywood internship program stay at Toluca Lake Hills Apartments (previously named Oakwood Apartments) at Toluca Lake near Burbank, as it offers a convenient location and furnishings with all amenities. However, students can make their own arrangements, often sharing apartments or a home with other interns from UNC.  Toluca Lake Hills often offers special rates during the summer, and once you are chosen for the internship program, you’ll be provided with brochures and contacts for this apartment community, should you be interested.


You will need a car to get around in L.A. Students usually drive a car there, often sharing expenses and carpooling.  You might plan on taking your own vehicle, renting a car or carpooling with a fellow intern working close to your internship.

Health Insurance

Since you will be enrolled for six credit hours, you will likely be covered by UNC student health insurance.  Make sure you check to see if it will continue over the summer.

Liability Insurance

You will be required to have UNC liability insurance, which is usually $20-25 per intern for the entire summer. This insurance protects you, your internship employer and the University. Please do not confuse this with medical health insurance, which will need to be your own coverage plan.

Read the Hollywood Internship Information Packet for more information.